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In South Carolina, most DUI charges are misdemeanors. However, when a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol and causes serious bodily harm to another individual, it becomes a felony offense.

If you are faced with a felony DUI charge, it is very important to work with a criminal defense attorney whose primary goal is to shield you from the negative consequences of a criminal charges. I am lawyer William A. Hodge, and my first priority is always to protect my clients’ freedom. I am an aggressive advocate focused on protecting the rights of people in Columbia and the rest of South Carolina.


Felony DUI charges usually stem from an accident in which one of the drivers was allegedly intoxicated and someone was hurt or killed. It can be a multicar crash, or a single-car crash in which one or more passengers are injured or killed. Felony DUI charges carry substantial penalties, including jail time, fines, license revocation, ignition interlock device and other consequences.


Building a defense against felony DUI charges requires careful examination of each aspect of the case against you. In order to obtain a conviction for felony DUI, prosecutors must prove that you were not only intoxicated and involved in causing someone’s injury or death, but also that you violated a traffic law in the process. For example, if an accident was caused because another driver cut you off, it may be difficult to convict you of felony DUI.

As your attorney, I will always give you straightforward and honest legal guidance. I will explain your options and aggressively pursue the best outcome for you.

“As a former prosecutor, I know how prosecutors think and how they approach cases like yours. I will use that knowledge to protect your rights and freedom.” – William A. Hodge

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Choosing from a list of unknown drunk driving accident attorneys can be a challenge, especially when your driving license, career, and freedom are on the line. Which is why I can guarantee you’ll always receive:

  • Honest, thorough, and aggressive representation
  • Clear explanation of your rights, options, and charges
  • Dedication to protect your freedom from the very start
  • Undivided attention to your case
  • Inside knowledge of how your opponent thinks
  • Affordable rates with no hidden charges

Whether it’s your first, second, or even third DUI/DWI offense, I’ll help protect your rights so you can focus on living your life.

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